We Offer Veterinary House Calls

If you are unable to bring your pet to our hospital due to their anxiety or some other health issues, we understand completely. No pet should go without essential medical care, especially if they have a condition that prevents them from being able to travel. Our veterinarians here in Glen Ellyn would be more than happy to arrange a visit to your home so your pet can receive the care they need.

We work hard to accommodate patients requiring in-home care, and our doctors will take extra steps to fit house calls into their weekly schedules. To ensure that your pet is seen when you want them to be seen, please call us early in advance if possible.

Veterinary House Calls in Glen Ellyn

Services We Can Provide

While we may not be able to bring our diagnostics laboratory and imaging equipment to your home, we can conduct physical exams, administer vaccines, take blood samples, run heartworm tests, and dispense parasite preventatives. Another service we commonly provide is in-home euthanasia, which allows pets and their owners to say goodbye in a comfortable, peaceful and private setting.

Need Us To Come To You?

To schedule a house call for your pet, simply call our office at (630) 469-7400, and we will do our best to arrange a visit with your veterinarian at a reasonable day and time. We will be in touch with you when your veterinarian is on their way to your home. Be sure to prepare a tidy space for them to treat your pet with minimal noise and distraction.