Pet Diagnostics in Glen Ellyn, IL

A physical examination is only the first step in making the most accurate diagnosis possible for a pet with an injury or illness of indeterminate cause. Our veterinarians and technicians in Glen Ellyn are highly trained and experienced in utilizing various diagnostic techniques to not only detect, but correctly identify and treat, a variety of conditions in cats and dogs. Pet diagnostics are especially important for detecting parasites, which can take many forms and require different methods to treat.

An additional benefit of our pet diagnostic services is our ability to create a detailed and comprehensive health profile for your companion, so that we can establish baselines and refer to past health incidents for potential clues. Call (630) 469-7400 to learn more!

Our Diagnostic Imaging Capabilities in Glen Ellyn

Digital X-ray and ultrasound are our primary diagnostic imaging tools. With state-of-the-art imaging technology, we can non-invasively study your pet’s internal structures.

Digital X-ray (Radiography)

Unlike traditional film X-ray, which relies on tray preparation and developing fluid, digital X-ray is not only more efficient, but produces sharper, more detailed images. Our ability to take X-rays quickly also means less radiation exposure for our patients. We use our X-ray machine primarily to detect bone fractures, heart abnormalities (in shape and size), tumors and foreign bodies.

Pet Diagnostics in Glen Ellyn, IL: Veterinarian Gives Dog Exam

Ultrasound (Ultrasonography)

For even more detailed images of your pet’s internal organs and abdominal cavity, we utilize ultrasound. A handheld device emits sound wave pulses that travel through your pet’s outer and inner tissues, and the resulting echoes produce a moving, real-time image on our computer monitor. With ultrasound, we can observe the shape and texture of the internal organs, and detect conditions such as pregnancy, fluid in the abdomen (and lungs), cysts and bladder stones.

Pet Diagnostics in Glen Ellyn, IL: Veterinarian Gives Dog Ultrasound

In-House Laboratory Diagnostics

Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital has a full in-house diagnostics lab that allows our doctors to run tests on blood, urine, feces and skin cells. This gives us the ability to perform tests in which results can be obtained in as little as 15 minutes, making it a valuable tool for treating patients with urgent medical needs. From parasite testing to assessing blood cell count, we can help pet owners find much needed answers about their pets’ conditions during a single appointment.

If you have any questions about our diagnostic capabilities, we welcome you to call us at (630) 469-7400.